The Way There

by Wandering Still

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released May 6, 2011

Danny Bechtel is responsible for all instruments, recordings, concepts, photography, etc. unless otherwise noted.

Greg Bechtel has done final mixing work on a number of the tracks. His info can be found on his website:



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Wandering Still Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: The Way There
Here I am walking out, for good?
Maybe, never to be seen again, I hope.
But, hope is a scary thing, I'm sure.
It's what keeps this Terror living in my chest.
Track Name: The Way There (continued)
I see such great tall quiet friends,
I'd give my life to live as them.
I walk in shadows of leaves
As I walk through the trees.

Move on, my eyes are open wide.
I know, and I am everything.
The wind, the Earth and sky I am.
From birth to death it's just like this.
Track Name: Quake
(I guess It's all I have left)

(And where does It all go anyway?)
Track Name: Forward
See how I've wandered here alone,
And how from fate my freedom's shown.
Through the void,
And through the pain that's never gone,
I still stand in the blur of what went wrong.
Track Name: Finish Turning Over
I've thought about how not to think about
Lingering stories in my head.
Old stories from my Bed.
Tangled Bodies, And dark hair in my face.
Then green eyes on my blue eyes,
Then my smile on Her smile,
Then Her rings pinch my fingers,
Then we lay down for hours,
Then we laughed even longer,
Until the laughter got quieter,
And the talking got softer.
Maybe I needed help then,
But you left me to Wander.
You left me to Wonder.

In the years and months I've been alone,
I'm starting to see Her face where I don't want to.
In perfect strangers.
And Her shape I see so many times a day,
Get out of my head, you Ghost,
You Shadow in the doorway.
Let freedom find me.
And keep Hope from taunting.
Track Name: Knuckle Deep In The Mudded Roots: 3
Up in the air, the leaves blowing
Out from the trees, like love going dim.
Like Her's: Lost In Wind.

And there's no place I would rather be than here
As leaves are torn from limbs.
I've felt the life around me dim.